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What revival is NOT!

Revival is not an event that comes and goes but a movement that will change our nation, city, and
community. It’s like a river that goes out of the church building and spills out to the streets and spreads
all over the arterial roads and eventually will saturate the whole city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have seen revivals over the past few decades, and we have seen what the Holy Spirit can do when
people are hungry and expectant for a mighty visitation. Nonetheless I feel like we haven’t learned the
lesson of what revival IS NOT. Many want a revival, but they want to manage it and turn it into
something that will benefit their own agenda. God in His mercy will pour our His spirit but when revival
is met by self-agenda is like when water is poured over the fire. The fire will quench, and the revival will
be short-lived. God wants to do more than just visiting our churches; He wants to transform our lives,
churches, cities and ultimately our nation. His desire to dwell with us far exceeds the desire to visit for a
little while. Heaven’s goal is to make out of us “disciple makers.” And that my friends take more than a
visitation of God but rather having a habitation for God!

Revival without discipleship can’t be sustained for long periods of time, neither can it have longevity
when we only expect to be filled by His spirit rather than being discipled by God! Revival is more than an
event, conference, or a weekend of meetings. Revival is not a word or a fancy title for a book or a
conference…. it’s a cataclysmic movement that can potentially shape the destiny of our town, city, and
even our nation! Revival without evangelism will often lead to great meetings where many will enjoy a
touch from heaven but where fruit will be scarce. Ultimately God’s desire is that everyone who is
exposed to His glory will come to the knowledge of His son Jesus and get saved.

For too long we have heard teachings and even great preaching on revival itself but not so much on
what God desires to build when He decides to visit with us. Too many revivals have been transient and
only a few have ended up good. Many have turned into great events of ongoing meetings where we see
too much “handling of men,” rather than the glory itself. This can be a dangerous turning point in any
revival and often will lead to the end of it.

One of the factors why revival is often short-lived is because God will never share His glory with
anybody. The moment where pride, sin or self-ambition meets a revival is like when a Cat 5 Hurricane is
met by a cold system and diverted into the ocean. That CAT 5 hurricane has the potential to make
history but if the system encounters mountains or cold fronts it will dissipate and most likely become a
tropical storm.

Revival is not destructive like hurricanes, but it will change and shape our destiny. It will bring down the
evil thrones and will change the atmosphere in our cities. It can also spark a great FIRE that has the
potential to ruin all the men-run church programs and replace them for divine meetings where heaven
will saturate the ground and where miracles become a daily reality! Do you still want it?
God wants to bring a great awakening upon our nation, but the question is not weather God is willing
but rather is the church ready to have one. The desire itself is not enough to bring in this heavenly
system but all the weather conditions must be in line for this to take place.

I believe God is searching to and from across America and the world seeking for an army of people that
will be willing to host HIM AGAIN!! I believe revivals can have small beginnings and they can start as
small as a gathering of believers and can grow as big as an army of churches working in one spirit to see
the transformation of your city.
We have seen what revival can offer when is led and managed by the Holy Spirit. One amazing example
of sustained revival was witnessed in Pensacola Fl where for many years people traveled long distances
to be part of what God was doing. People lined up for many hours before the church service and
thousands of sinners came to Jesus during this revival. Out of this revival many churches were birthed,
and great ministries were started. Many caught the fire and went back to their cities and spread the fire.
I believe that revival doesn’t happen by chance, but it is a sovereign move of God and when it happens it
can write the pages of history and usher in a new season in the church. Revival can’t come unless the
church is willing to repent, pray and come together in one spirit.

I believe God is about to pour out His glory in this new phase of church history and the coming revival
will not be led by a single man, church, or evangelist. The coming revival will be the merging of many
fires happening in different places and coming into one focal point. God is doing a new thing and this
revival will be faceless and nameless. It will be carried by many unknown names, churches and ministries
that have been harnessed in the fire and are ready to step out in this hour! This is not going to be the
single-individual or evangelist coming to a city and bringing a revival. I sense prophetically that God is
lining up His troops in this hour for this double-harvest decade.

God’s desire is to dwell with us and turn our cities into hot spots of His glory where we can see ongoing
heavenly activity invading our ordinary world and where the extraordinary takes places daily. God wants
to invade our world and reveal His glory in a supernatural way! This can only be achieved when we
surrender our own pre-conceived ideas of revival and allow the Holy Spirit to have His way and write a
new chapter in our own lives. Revival is God’s provision to a broken world and a heavenly answer to the

Are you ready to embrace His dream and make a difference in this world? The time is now where God is
enlisting an army of believers that will become fire-carriers and will bring in the GREATEST harvest of
souls in history.

Hab 3:14: For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters
cover the sea.