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Friends of His presence

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Throughout my years of walking with God, I have learned that there’s nothing better than a relationship with Him. No routine, religious sacrament or practice, can replace a genuine friendship with God. In Friends of His Presence, I will guide you on a journey to a place where you will learn to walk in a deep, intimate relationship with your best friend, the Holy Spirit. You will learn invaluable lessons on how to grow and cultivate a strong friendship with your Creator. My prayer, as you read Friends of His Presence, is that you will discover the importance of building a prayer life, as this is where you will find the key to access the very presence of God. As you spend more time with God, you will learn more about HIM—His character, His ways, and His great love for you. Your entire world will be transformed from this relationship and newfound knowledge. Jesus said to His disciples, “I will no longer call you servants but rather my friends.” Are you prepared to unlock this level of intimacy with Him in your own life?

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